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Thank you for your honest, open, insightful submissions of Outer Child characteristics.  Outer Child is the part of the personality that attempts to defend us against all kinds of hidden wounds - especially the primal wound of abandonment.  Your inner child feels them and your Outer Child acts them out -- inappropriately.  Outer Child is the hidden nemesis – the harbinger of your self-defeating patterns.

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Thanks to your input, you have helped to make the complex system of Outer Child defense mechanisms, habits, and traits come alive for my readers and recovering Outer Children everywhere. 

I have incorporated your submissions into the Outer Child Inventory on this website.  The list grows steadily.  People from all over the world write to me daily with new insights. 

I’ve spent over a decade researching and writing about Outer Child.  Taming Your Outer Child offers the latest in techniques for overcoming self-sabotage and reaching your potential.  Its ability to change behavior is what sets the Outer Child program apart from others.

As many of you know, Outer Child developed in response to anxiety, fear, anger, insecurity, and other uncomfortable feelings.  When, in childhood, we experienced disappointment, disconnection, loss – in short abandonment – we did what we could to cope with the primal fears, forming the basis for our oldest, most difficult-to-break patterns. 

Attachment energy gets thwarted as we go through life. Lesions form, both large and small, in the dense tissues of the myriad bonds we’ve created with people, places, and things.  These faulty connections activate Outer Child’s most entrenched patterns, especially those that interfere in our love relationships. 

The Outer Child tools are designed to tap into this powerful attachment energy and redirect it toward healthy new behaviors.  And they are easy to use.  You incorporate them into your daily life. 

Suppressing your pain and turning away from the feelings is how Outer Child gained a stronghold in your personality in the first place.  The tools tap into the source of its knee-jerk reactions and allow you to administer to your long forgotten needs for the first time. 

The program takes you on a delightful journey to the center of the self, all the way to the molten core of feeling where you discover a wellspring of healing, personal growth, and behavioral change.